Written by Bruna De Cristofaro

To find rational explanations for why you are concerned about a social issue rather than another is easier said than done.

The 5 whys technique helped us a lot in that. It brought us to inquiry our own minds and cause-effects relations by asking ourselves not once, but five times why we do care about sex education, body awareness and puberty rights.

This has been how we have identified the problem among various problems, what we like to call the root cause. Willing to keep it sweet and simple, we confronted the audience with the…

Written by Antonia Olbrich

One of the biggest mistakes of mankind is probably to think “this will only happen to others”. I am sure that each of us has thought of this saying at least once in life. For example, when your friend tells you about her last gynaecologist appointment and about how HPV viruses were found after her last PAP-test. And she actually did not know exactly what that meant, where HPV viruses come from and what they can lead to. You listen to her worries and hope that you will not be asked for your opinion. The…

Written by Bruna De Cristofaro

When I was 13 years old my sexuality and body awareness were a work in progress process and so was my knowledge concerning sex education.

If you are a 13 years old girl in Italy, coming from a middle-class family like me, you are a privileged one. You will have access to good scholar education and your gynaecologist will be already monitoring your health condition.

That’s where the paradox comes into play: you are privileged and yet the wall of taboo and misinformation is in front of your eyes.

When I was 13 years old…

Bruna De Cristofaro

Undergraduate student with a strong interest for media and communication dynamics. From Naples, Italy and based in Berlin, Germany.

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